Jichague is an action-oriented blog targeting the busy employed Kenyan professional who is keen to create more financial freedom and retrench-proof themselves by building a side business in 30 days (or less) using their existing skills, networks, and resources. And without quitting their comfortable 8 to 5 job.


In Kenya today, retrenchments aka redundancy aka separation aka job losses are the new black. This means that the whole concept of job security or banking on any one person – your boss –  or organization to chagua you is a dream. You have to jichagua.

Besides, statistics show that the average $ millionaire has 7 sources of income. Sembuse wewe? And what better time than when you have a stable job can you experiment with various income generating options?

”Everyone should have multiple sources of income” is what we are spreading across Kenya.

In this day and age, you cannot afford to rely on the whims of one employer.You must be on a constant look out for additional sources of income. That’s the whole premise of Jichague.com


Through doses of actionable tips and monthly Jichague workshops, we learn how to identify the gains we all aspire, the pains that grapple us, and how to make money while helping people deal with the pains or attain these gains.

We believe in quick experiments and minimizing as much risk as possible. There is really no point of leaving the security of a “stable job” with a handsome paycheck and jump full throttle into business. That is why the focus is on side hustles that you can build in 30 days (or less) while your 8 to 5 job lasts, using the skills, talents, resources and networks you already have.

So hang on and lets build success together!

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